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  REMY BARRERE GEARS, located in Saint Etienne next to Lyon, specializes in manufacturing short and medium runs of straight and helical gears of large dimension and high precision for new projects and maintenance.

Thanks to our skills in gear cutting and gear tooth grinding, we can meet the strictest specification requirements to produce full sub assemblies and full parts.

Thank you for visiting our booth at Marintec last December. Details regarding upcoming events will be announced soon.

REMY BARRERE is engaged in both environmental management (ISO14001) and health & safety on the work place (OHSAS 18001) approaches, which aim at a continued improvement of the working conditions and environmental protection.

We have implemented paper recycling which joins the steel recycling already present in a will of cooperation for environmental protection.

Carried out with the financial support of the Rhône-Alpes Region



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